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Just kick the toys out of the way and come on in! I’m known here online as Mom2My6Pack,  The Because I Said So Mom, or just That Crazy Lady with Six Kids. If those titles are too long for you, just call me Dawn:)

People keep telling me that there should be information about me on my web site, and well, all the cool kids are doing it, so here ya go. You can read more about me in my BIO .

You can read about our latest adventures–like the kids painting the walls with peanut butter, giving their siblings haircuts, and building rocket ships out of household appliances–on my BLOG .

To get your very own copy of my books, You’ll Lose the Baby Weight (and other lies about pregnancy and childbirth) or Because I Said So (and other tales from a less-than-perfect parent), check out my BOOKS page.

If that’s not enough, you can read my column over at BABBLE.

Take your time, look around and make sure to come back as I update my BLOG several times a week. Gotta go! Here come the kids, a squirrel, and… is that my toaster??

Make yourself at home and enjoy!


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    • Calling all Dragon Trainers!
      We're Netflix addicts in my house, and now that it's summer vacation, I may possibly be guilty of letting my kids sit around and watch Netflix for HOURS some days. It's summer. It happens. (Here in Florida, it's too hot to play outside during the day unless we're at the pool, and it rains every […]
    • Why I Support My Kids' Questionable Decisions
      “Aren’t you supposed to be at school?” I asked my 20-year-old son who attends Le Cordon Bleu.He looked up from his video game and responded, “Uhhh, no. I don’t have school.”I didn’t question it. In between class sessions, he usually has a couple days off.A few days later, I got home from work and found […]
    • You Have the Power to Change the Person Looking Back at You
      I don't like myself. I look in the mirror and tell myself, "You're not a nice person." And when you don't like what you see reflected back at you, it can perpetuate the behavior that you don't like. It's quite the self-defeating cycle. I'm crabby and irritable. I snap at the people I love. I wake up […]
    • Style It Yourself with Suave's Luxe Style Infusion!
      I've been using Suave hair care products for years! Not only are they a FRACTION of salon products (and even other drugstore brands), but they do an AMAZING job! As a single mom to 6 kiddos, I'm always looking for ways to save money, but so often you get what you pay for; you may […]

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